Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement ‎| Folklore Venom (LP) [HOS-396]

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement ‎| Folklore Venom (LP) [HOS-396]

Hospital Productions

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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement ‎| Folklore Venom
Label: Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-396
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Released| 26 Sep 2013

Hospital Productions have once again re-set the template for dark techno and ambient shifts with this - another killer excavation from Rainforest Spritiual Enslavement. 'Folklore Venom' is the sibling to 'The Plant With Many Faces' - another one of the labels finest releases of late, finding RSE still operating under cover of anonymity for a bleaker, near-beatless adjunct to Vatican Shadow's militant melancholy, mining precious dark ambient elements of the rarest substance. For the most part, the project has been ian experiment in tonal dread and dankest atmospheres, but, here, submerged rhythms play a more prominent role, pacing anxiously below the dense murk of 'Upside Down Left Eye' or as a stodgy techno bedrock to the inclement conditions of 'The Spirit Wore The Shoes Of The Boy', or a sputtering, diesel powered chug to the noxious vibes of 'Black Magic Originated In Nature'. Factor the petrifying gloom of 'Spirit Companion Sick-Bed' and the unheimlich, exotic sonic ciphers of 'Malaysia Yellow Herbs' and you have one of the strongest releases on Hospital Productions yet. Forget about the current obsession with going in 'hard', this is where the interesting and vital techno mutations are really happening...

A1     Upside Down Left Eye
A2     Undrinkable Water
A3     In Honduras Death Caused By Being Chased By Spirits
B1     The Spirit Wore The Shoes Of The Boy
B2     Black Magic Originated In Nature
B3     Spirit Companion Sick-Bed
B4     Malaysia Yellow Herbs

# Ambient # Ritual # Industrial

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