Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement | Panama Canal Left-Hand Path/Simulated Thunderstorm (3CS)[HOS-634]

Hospital Productions

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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement | Panama Canal Left-Hand Path / Simulated Thunderstorm
Label: Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-634
Format: 3x Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Boxset, Slipcase
Released| 30 May 2019

This triple tape box set collects two albums of new, original RSE recordings alongside Low Jack’s 45 minute continuous mix of vintage RSE scenes...

On ‘Panama Canal Left-Hand Path’ Dominick Fernow’s Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement locks its attention to “the bloodshed and blind economics of the (panama) canal and its consequences and absurdity, then and now” in one of the project’s finest dispatches since its early days,  With uncanny effect the music evokes its subject with soberly transfixing sound design, explicitly taking cues from Basic Channel’s hypnotic bass undulations to highlight and power a series of rotting electro-acoustic soundspheres, never quite fully letting on, but bringing the sense of trudging linearity and humid menace thru suggestive inference.

In ‘Hunting Down Individual Mosquitoes’ he evokes the feeling of dread with tense, lurking pads offset by natural bird calls - half sleepy, half acutely focussed - before ‘Isthmus Dark Arts (Electricity Arcs Through Rain)’ brings nightfall with screeching parakeets and a booming heartbeat. ‘Demons Tour The Canal’ then finds the perfect tension between blissed synths and distant, warning rhythms, priming for the extended isolation of ‘The Mountain Didn’t Want’ in two parts.

The additional ‘Simulated Thunderstorm’ is Phillipe Hallais’ (Low Jack) seamless 45 minute mix of Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement recordings (same programme plays both sides), originally realised as part of Hospital Productions’ CDMX earthquake benefit. Following his role in the heavyweight ‘Venus Flytrap Exotica’ 7” and the ‘Red Ants genesis’ LP, Hallais proves the logical pick to mix RSE’s febrile vibes, slowly sequencing and layering 45 minutes of material from the project’s earliest to most recent releases.

- 3CS Boxset Limited to 500 Copies.

        Panama Canal Left-Hand Path
A     Hunting Down Individual Mosquitoes     
B1     Isthmus Dark Arts (Electricity Arcs Through Rain)     
B2     Demons Tour The Canal     
C     The Mountain Didn’t Want To Be Cut And The Mountain Fought Back Part 1 (Corpses In Mudslides Still Obtain Fever)     
D     The Mountain Didn’t Want To Be Cut And The Mountain Fought Back Part 2 (Fever Waits Inside The Concrete Canal Locks)     
    Simulated Thunderstorm
E     Equator (Distant Thunder)     
F     Madagascar Colossal Shrimp (For Paul)

# Ambient # Electronica # Experimental # Ritual # Industrial

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