Rites Of Fall | Towards The Blackest Skies (LP) [LEID†1801]


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Rites Of Fall | Towards The Blackest Skies
Label: Leidforschung – LEID†1801
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo, Clear Vinyl
Released| 23 Aug 2019

Rites Of Fall presents a full-length album titled Towards the Blackest Skies via new label Leidforschung Schallplatten. As the bio for the release states, “the album reflects on undercurrents shaping the breakthroughs in human evolution. Musically Towards the Blackest Skies shifts between darker ambience, deep bass, washed-out echoes and noise- often juxtaposed with acoustic instruments.”

The release is just that and more. It’s a slow-moving journey through a dark and stirring soundscape. Hold on tight for a spectral ride. Guest performances on this album include Rafał Wawszkiewicz on sax (Merkabah) and Jan Wierzbicki on double bass and Malin on pipe.

- Limited Edition 180g Clear Vinyl.
- Mastering - Rafael Anton Irisarri, Black Knoll Studio.
- Additional recording - Tomasz Stołowski, Nebula Studio.
- Artwork by Kuba Sokólski.

A1    Afterflesh
A2    Void Instinct
A3    Continuum
A4    From The Ashes, From The Dust
B1    The Torch
B2    Expand And Collapse
B3    Towards The Blackest Skies
B4    The World Will Die, But We Will Live Forever

# Industrial # Techno # Experimental

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