rookas | Concrete Haze (CS) [R003]

static motion

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rookas | Concrete Haze
Label: static motion – R003
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 28 Feb 2022

Human perception deals in terms of beginnings, ends, and fleeting singular points — time draws a never-ceasing line over and onto itself, without measure or interruption. The circle of time is always complete. In this perfect circle — a perpetual torrent of life and death — the organic world ultimately turns into stone, stone turns into shimmering dust, and dust itself forms a lively concrete haze.

"Concrete Haze" is the third full-length album by rookas bringing a close to a trilogy of sonic explorations in physical format. Built upon the solid foundations of earlier installments — boundless ambient depths and piercing rhythms — this collection of tracks brings more life and dynamics to the well-refined style of rookas. Throughout 12 distinct tracks, each rigorous sound structure shines with fluidity, fluctuation and natural warmth, seemingly breathing; the album presents a sound that is as much alive as it is permanent.

- Pro dubbed cassette, includes a printed insert and a sticker.
- Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Mastering: Sam KDC.
- Text: V.U.
- Art/design: R.B.

A1        The First Ashes
A2        Whispering Sky
A3        Concrete Gaze
A4        Edge Of The Soul
A5        Falling Through The Cracks Of Light
A6        Disintegrate
B1        Atmosphera
B2        Wings Of Metal
B3        Reaching The Ground
B4        Weight Of A Shadow
B5        Suspended Time
B6        Burn In Your Own Flames

# Industrial # Ambient # Techno # Experimental

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