rookas | static motion II (CS) [R002]

static motion

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rookas | static motion II
Label: static motion – R002
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition, Stereo
Released| 17 Feb 2020

Human perceptions, while often taken at face value, naturally carry elements of mystery, abstraction and relativity. The seemingly concrete five senses, together with our impressions of space, time and identity, may sometimes prove to be entirely different in nature than previously perceived, discarding most of what is thought as certain about the mind's relation to its surrounding physical reality. These anomalies of everyday life – apparent folds of time, the shifting of space and structures, re-evaluations of one's own sense of self – can become both a source of existential anxiety as well as a stimulus for creativity, introspection and discovery.

The following release is a compilation of soundtracks for scenes from films that are yet to be made. From anxious drone swells to the metallic barrages and faint vocal chants of "Probing the Void", from the menacing ambient tensions of "Folded Between the Pages" to the hints of rhythm and tonality on the end of side B, each track in of itself narrates individual scenes of otherworldly experiences and visuals while maintaining a suspenseful droning character throughout the collection as a whole. Themes of larger-than-life anomalies and fleeting perceptions can be read between the lines, yet the experimentative and sonically subtle nature of static motion's second part leaves each piece open to interpretation.

- C56 / Black tape. W/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Written and produced between 2015 and 2019.

A1    Loss
A2    Outer Reaches
A3    The Desperate Edge of Now
A4    Probing the Void
A5    Clouds Formation
B1    Folded Between the Pages
B2    Warped Mind
B3    Burning Air
B4    Pace of Time
B5    Perspective Shift
B5    Caves of Decay

# Ambient # Experimental

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