Sawf | Kafas (12") [KAFTA006]

Sawf | Kafas (12") [KAFTA006]


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Sawf | Kafas
Label: Kafta – KAFTA006
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
Released| 02 Feb 2024

Sawf doesn't strike us as the type of producer who suffers fools gladly. Or indeed at all. The Greek music maker has a reputation for uncompromising and unforgiving electronic beats at the harsher end of the spectrum, one foot in industrial and another in techno, but with enough respect for both genres to make sure he's never made anything that feels as though it's destined for a TikTok video of 5,000 people pretending to find groove in sledgehammers. Kafas is exemplary of this, four tracks that sound as though the machines are rising up but in a way that's infinitely danceable, even if you don't normally gravitate towards dark, single strobe-lit rooms. From 'Bordo''s stepping, broken, minimalist workout, through to the stomp, clang, march and whips of 'Tsirita', this is heavy, heavy stuff but also very good indeed.

A1 Bordo
A2 Kafas
B1 Krelia
B2 Tsirita

# Techno # Industrial

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