SC-164 ‎| Generator EP (12") [MA16]

SC-164 ‎| Generator EP (12") [MA16]

Modal Analysis

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SC-164 ‎| Generator EP
Label: Modal Analysis ‎– MA16
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Released| 12 Mar 2021

The first Modal Analysis release for 2021 comes from the New York City producer, Greg Schappert, who has been releasing his music under different aliases over the years. Here, with his SC-164 moniker, contributes a five track EP of industrial flavored electro, perfectly rolling along with the Athenian label’s catalogue. The Generator EP brings together different broken beat compositions, with emphasis on diverse textures and its genius programming.

A1     Generator #1     
A2     Generator #2     
B1     Generator #3     
B2     Generator #4

# Electro # Techno  # Experimental

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