Scarpa ‎| Magedon (CS) [ISTGKT 001]


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Scarpa ‎| Magedon
Label: Istigkeit ‎– ISTGKT 001
Format: Cassette, Album
Released| 17 Dec 2018

With MAGEDON, the mysterious SCARPA delivers a radical work inspired by the myths and history of biblical times.

Through his overdriven beats, metallic percussions and mystical atmospheres, the artist depicts the wars and conquests that tore apart the righteous and criminals, the kings and slaves, the godly and ungodly during those dark and ancient times.

Endowed with raw textures, these 6 lo-fi pieces form a mesmerizing tribal ritual which bewitching power lasts well beyond listening time.

A1     Raoboth     
A2     Sheol     
A3     Urshu     
B1     Zin     
B2     Hacilat Blade     
B3     Har Magedon

# Industrial # Ritual # Techno

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