Sciama ‎| Decay To Nothing (CS) [AUXC012]


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Sciama ‎| Decay To Nothing
Label: Auxiliary ‎– AUXC012
Format: Cassette, Album, Stereo
Released| 12 Mar 2021

Sciama continues his aural voyage into the void. Decay To Nothing features 10 tracks that run the gamut of atmospheric sound design. Esuyp opens proceedings in a typical brooding manner, before opening the way for the widescreen cinematic pulses of Ceto. There's a bubbling narrative at work behind the tones, which set the scene nicely for Blocks, Umbra and album title, Decay To Nothing, to close off side A. Flipping over the tape, Lorelei opens affairs with a lighter approach, before the listener is brought straight back down to the murky depths with Plasticity and Ara. Rounding off the album, Source Energy and Ys resurface the listener with shafts of light appearing throughout the duration. A masterclass in ambient soundscaping clocking in at just under an hour, Decay To Nothing will be on repeat for anyone taking the steps into Sciama's world of sound.

Written, produced, and engineered by Michael Watters.

- Limited Edition Transparent Orange Pro Duped Cassette.
- Printed J card and On Body Printing.
- Edition of 60.

A1     Esuyp     
A2     Ceto
A3     Blocks     
A4     Umbra    
A5     Decay to Nothing     
B1     Lorelei / Plasticity      
B2     Ara     
B3     Lemuria
B4     Source Energy
B5     Ys

# Ambient # Electronica # Grey Area

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