Sciama | Myriad (12") [AUX026]


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Sciama | Myriad
Label: Auxiliary – AUX026
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Magenta Vinyl    
Released| 19 Aug 2022

Sciama's debut 12" for Auxiliary comes after four hugely successful cassette album releases over the past few years. Myriad collates four impressive beat-heavy tracks from Michael, spanning multiple genres and tempos.

Forced Inward starts proceedings by setting an ominous tone, before erupting into bass tones and soft percussive kicks. The beauty is revealed once the melodies take centre stage. Observe takes things on a more schizoid trip, with its anxious percussion and moody synth tones swelling against the frenetic pulsing kicks. The Lost Pleiad sees Sciama back in contemplative nature, while steadily raising the tempo and energy, before Indignation seals off the EP with more brooding textural synth and bass stabs.

Myriad is an EP you will not want to miss, and ticks all the boxes for what Auxiliary is about as a label.

- 140g Magenta 12".
- 3mm Spine Inside Out Board Sleeve with Artwork Sticker.
- Black Paper Inners.

A1    Forced Inward
A2    Observe
B1    The Lost Pleiad
B2    Indignation

# Grey Area # Techno # Ambient # Experimental

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