Stave & Grebenstein | Live From Frankfurter Straße (12") [STANPRAC004]

Stave & Grebenstein | Live From Frankfurter Straße (12") [STANPRAC004]

Standards And Practices

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Stave & Grebenstein | Live From Frankfurter Straße
Label: Standards & Practices ‎– STANPRAC004
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, White Vinyl
Released| 15 Sep 2018

The first release on Standards & Practices since the widely acclaimed remixes of Talker's "Battle Standards" EP (by Surgeon / Regis / Broken English Club) from late last year, "Live From Frankfurter Straße" represents the first recorded collaborative effort from Jonathan Krohn (Stave, also 1/2 of Talker) and Jan Grebenstein (Downwards, Horo).

Culled from recording sessions following several successful improvised live performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Berlin, "Live From Frankfurter Straße" is 3 tracks of seismically powerful, industrial dub music that represents a new direction for the pair and is unquestionably some of their strongest material to date.

The twitchy, pared-to-the-bone opener "Alfa" is at once vast and frighteningly claustrophobic, recalling the brutal, clinical precision of Mika Vainio & Ilpo Vaisanen's output, with a brilliantly tricky arrangement that continually pulls the rug out from under the listener - it's vertigo-inducing twists and turns are simultaneously disorienting and endlessly hypnotic. On the flip, the brooding, scorched-earth "Stirn" & "Verstärkerstufe" work at a much slower tempo, uncurling like a plume of smoke with a spacious, cerebral quality that occasionally brings to mind early Gescom.

A    Alfa
B1   Stirn
B2  Verstärkerstufe

# Techno # Experimental # Industrial

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