Stave / Karkossyn | New Values (CS) [STANPRAC009]

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Stave / Karkossyn | New Values
Label: Standards & Practices – STANPRAC009
Format: Cassette, Mini-Album, Limited Edition
Released| 03 Nov 2023

Standards & Practices is thrilled to announce an exciting new release from veteran producer and label owner Jonathan Krohn, otherwise known as Stave, and Bristol-based producer Tavis Hitchcock, who writes and releases music under the name Karkossyn. Karkossyn's superb debut EP ("Troubled Youth") for the like-minded and consistently excellent UVB-76 imprint led to a conversation about a possible collaboration, which has resulted in "New Values" - a 12-track split cassette which highlights and showcases both artists approaches to blackened, scorched-earth electronics.

Stave's contribution is a solid summation of his craft and acts as a potent reminder of his range and abilities as a producer: from the cacophonous, arrhythmic "62523" to the simmering, coiled tension of "Relearn / Forget", there's ample evidence here of an artist operating at the height of his powers; the expansive, surprisingly moving "Rolyy" ends the first half on a powerfully lyrical note.

On the flip side, Karkossyn begins with the bleak atmospherics of "Hidden Heart", which soon gives way to "Break The Fall", a heavy dose of Scorn-esque breakbeat-driven bass weight. "For The Floor" ratchets up the tension to an almost unbearable degree, and the droning, cinematic ambience of "Memento" and the dense, pulverizing "Ruins" finishes the split EP in an elegantly brutal fashion.

- Limited edition of 50.
- Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Stave Tracks Recorded and Mixed Chicago, USA.
- Karkossyn Tracks Recorded and Mixed Bristol, UK.
- Mastered by Steven Bailey at rrreplica.
- Design by Common Name, New York.

A1        Stave | The Trouble We're In
A2        Stave | 62523
A3        Stave | Forcing Silence
A4        Stave | Relearn / Forget
A5        Stave | Fixed Position
A6        Stave | Can't Own
A7        Stave | Rolyy
B1        Karkossyn | Hidden Heart
B2        Karkossyn | Break The Fall
B3        Karkossyn | For The Floor
B4        Karkossyn | Memento
B5        Karkossyn | Ruins

# Techno # Industrial # DnB

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