Stave | PI07 (12") [π07]

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Stave | PI07
Label: Pi Electronics ‎– π07
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released | 13 Sep 2019

The 7th Pi Electronics release hosts Chicago based producer, Jonathan Krohn, also known as Stave. It also includes a remix by Bristol based artist Pessimist.

Some might be familiar with Stave s music from his involvement with the collaborative project Talker. Here on this solo take, he delivers 4 original tracks to showcase his varied approach to Techno. From fast, drone oriented broken beats, to emotional synth melodies and industrial leaning hypnotic techno, PI07 shows the artist at his most expressive. The release is topped up by the remix of Drum and Bass affiliated artist Pessimist, who reworks track PI07.4 in his methodically dark style.

- 180g black vinyl + A5 insert
- Edition of 300.

A1     PI07.1     
A2     PI07.2     
A3   PI07.3
B1     PI07.4
B2     PI07.4 (Pessimist Remix)

# Industrial # Techno

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