The Fifth Stigma | Sieging Through Fire & Flames (12") [VENA002]


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The Fifth Stigma | Sieging Through Fire & Flames
Label: Venaeform Records – VENA002
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Gold Vinyl    
Released| 23 Aug 2023

This medieval summoning, "Sieging Through Fire & Flames" can be interpreted as an ancient and obscure moment in history where merciless wars and conquests are keywords. Battles are launched towards a powerful and impenetrable city, stronghold of prosperity and wealth. Whoever controls it will be glorified, attracting many conflicts, jealousy, and conspiracy. He is its story.

This release also includes complementarily diverse remixes by Codex Empire & Spheric.

The Fifth Stigma is a French American artist based in Paris, France. He has developed a musical approach based on an interpretation and narration of fictional stories and wonders about a far and forgotten era.
Influenced by broad horizons such as power electronics atmospheres, ritual/world, nostalgia, body music infused bass lines, The Fifth Stigma aims to craft a rather slow, heavy, and intimate industrial techno in times while rejecting contemporary codes.

- Limited edition 12" Vinyl pressed on Venaeform gold vinyl.

A1    The Last Leader In The Ruins Of Eternity
A2    Final Ramparts To The City Of Lights
A3    The Last Leader In The Ruins Of Eternity (Spheric Remix)
B1    Sieging Through Fire And Flames
B2    Blinded By Wrath
B3    Sieging Through Fire And Flames (Codex Empire Remix)

# Industrial # Techno

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