Torn Relics ‎| Abolish The Dogma (CS) [LEYLA015]


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Torn Relics ‎| Abolish The Dogma
Label: Leyla Records ‎– LEYLA015
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 21 Feb 2020

The long awaited high-bias cassette tape release of Torn Relics - Abloish The Dogma. Bottle green tape with amazing artwork by Jazz Szu-Ying Chen.

-  Written and produced by Aimee Mullen, Romek Boyer.
-  Artwork By Jazz Szu-Ying Chen.
-  Mastered By Paul Mac
-  Limited to 20 copies.

A1     Cry Of The Catacombs     
A2     Blood Stained Tapestry     
A3     Abolish The Dogma     
A4     Restrained Faith     
B1     Novena     
B2     Rebirth     
B3     Lured By The Sirens     
B4     Creaking Hinge (Of Rusted Hope)

# Ritual # Industrial

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