Ulwhednar | Area 08 (2LP) [NE96]

Ulwhednar | Area 08 (2LP) [NE96]

Northern Electronics

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Ulwhednar | Area 08
Label: Northern Electronics – NE96
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Released| 08 Dec 2023

“The collaborative project of Northern Electronics' founders, Anthony Linell and Jonas Rönnberg, has never ceased to confront with their coupling of industrious delirium and pensive austerity. By now we know that only adrenaline can make sense of the toxic ensemble of purposes at the heart of Ulwhednar. Meditating on higher flights of thrill and disorder than their previous record, and with an acknowledgement of their Stockholm roots, 'Area 08' induces fever and anticipation with every gesture.

The opening tracks make a raucous yet resolute introduction to proceedings, eventually issuing one of the album's most exquisite moments of reprieve with 'Akalla/Broken Swords'. However, it is the second half of 'Area 08' that formally admits their latest work has crossed a threshold yet unexplored by the pair. A suite of villainously propulsive tracks spit embers of caustic balms as they careen out of reach with the engorged march of 'Commuter Madness'. Cunning in as many ways as it is earnest and audacious, 'Area 08' is a welcome alarm from the nucleus of the mission.”

- Recorded by Anthony Linell & Jonas Rönnberg in Muskö, Sweden 2021.
- Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at EnissLab, Rome.

A1    Winter Wasteland
A2    Appetite For Destruction
B1    Frozen River Runs Through It
B2    Akalla/Broken Swords
C1    Move Fast/Break Things
C2    Terra Nova/C20 Drive
D1    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
D2    Commuter Madness
D3    Blåsut/Skärmarbrink

# Techno

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