Undveld ‎| Night Wanderer (CS) [SM001]

static motion

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.Undveld ‎| Night Wanderer
Label: static motion ‎– SM001
Format: Cassette, Album, Limited Edition
Released| 15 Sep 2021

"Night Wanderer" is a full-length sonic novel from Undveld, shining with a bright light of artistry while telling stories of dark hours. From subtle, restrained motions in the shadows to ravenous calls across the fields, each cut of music paints a vibrant nocturnal picture. The album is a comprehensive spectacle of all the artist's strengths: detailed textures, haunting atmospheres, crystalline harmonies, cutthroat works of drone, and varied exertions of rhythm, all interwoven together into an hour of compelling listening.

- Pro-dubbed Cassette. W/ Bandcamp DL Code + insert and static motion sticker.

A1        Guardian Of The Unseen
A2        When You Haven't Seen Yourself In A Few Weeks
A3        Pale Surrender
A4        Reaper Cycle
A5        Seeing Through The Broken Glass In My Head
B1        Upon Presence
B2        Getting Calls From Beyond The Wall
B3        Everlasting Flames In The Chamber
B4        Bloodsport
B5        Lonesome Dark
B6        End

# Ambient # Experimental # Techno

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