Various ‎| Altered Sight (CS) [BOK003]

Borders Of Known

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Various ‎| Altered Sight
Label: Borders Of Known ‎– BOK003
Format: Cassette, Compilation
Released| 15 Jul 2020

The unknown world represents chaos for consciousness; This chaos is only perceived thanks to the barely known part of this very universe. Each indefinite event among others could be perceived in many ways - there are as many ways of perception as the species of living beings. Therefore, the perception of the event of each living being varies according to the lapse of time.
When we realize everything we have said about this meager knowledge, we shed light on the present moment, we perceive this unique event more keenly, we feel it more intensely, and enjoy it more profoundly and vividly.

- Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Mastering: Levan Andiashvili
- Artwork: Aliquis

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# Industrial # Experimental # Techno # Ambient # Ritual

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