Various | As A First Radical Letter (12") [ISB001]


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Various | As A First Radical Letter
Label: Isabelline – ISB001
Format: Vinyl, 12", Compilation
Released| 05 Feb 2023

VA. I: As a first radical letter - the inauguration of the Isabelline sound featuring four artists channeling elements of techno, dub and ambient minimalism.

Berlin-based UK native and label head Practitioner has been active for nearly 2 decades under numerous aliases - releasing field recordings, musique concrete and ethnic percussive sounds; with his electronic productions floating ambiguously between dubtechno, UKG and Romanian minimal. With prior releases on Well Street, Lissoms and more, “Factor Basis” nods towards a love of analog broken techno and exquisite sound design.

“Deviate” is the latest impeccable emission by Igor Dyachenko, whose symmetrical frequencies are precisely built on years of sound design with MaxMSP and modular equipment. Superlative “Ambient” doesn’t do justice to the textured layers of this broadcast built on unique source manipulation.

Katsunori Sawa once again sidesteps all trends with his track “Royal Flush” - bringing down a post-club rising dirge with a savage low end tone. Based in Kyoto, Japan, where he runs 10 Label with Yuji Kondo, Sawa has been a key contributor to abstract techno, rhythmic noise and offkilter dub under a variety of pseudonyms and collaborations (Bokeh, EOC, Steven Porter).

Cologne-based Senking has been producing lean subarctic dub, IDM & techno since 1995 with 10 releases on legendary label Raster-Noton amongst other projects. On his track “Painkiller” Jens harks back to the early 2000s spare bassweight sound which captured a generation.  

Limited to 120 copies, finishing touches made by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering with collage artwork by Paul van Trigt.

A1   Practitioner | Factor Basis
A2   Igor Dyachenko | Deviate
B1   Katsunori Sawa | Royal Flush
B2   Senking | Painkilller

# Techno # Industrial # Experimental

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