Various | Breaking Standards (12") [RM8]

Renegade Methodz

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Various | Breaking Standards
Label: Renegade Methodz – RM8
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released| 19 Jan 2024

Renegade Methodz launches its various artists series ‘Breaking Standards’.

The ‘‘Breaking Standards‘‘ series aims directly at the dancefloor, curated carefully to keep the music quality high and showcase the work of both new and established artists whose style keeps the genre modern and fresh without losing the essence of what makes this music timeless.

Starting with the A-side, ANFS is returning with all the power and momentum you'd expect from him.
After his debut on the label with the Boy Tzortz project he is contributing a track this time under his most known alias.
The Athenian artist is delivering grinding industrial techno with a driving force that few can match.
Relying on a loopy sinister synth line to drive the track forward and build tension, a huge earth-shattering low end and the unique textures that he is known for, ‘Kavatza’ is a piece that grabs your attention and holds it until the very end.
Next up is the notorious producer Scalameriya. Well known for his releases on Perc Trax, 47 and his own newly launched Void+1 label.
'S’pendrek' is everything you'd expect from him but with a small twist in style, made in that way specifically for Renegade Methodz.
A crashing kick to rule them all with a snare groove on top, enormous synth stabs as usual and just the right amount of a rolling dance floor groove to match up the style of a classic era in techno the artist managed to squeeze every last drip of energy out of his track for a perfect peak time moment.

Turn it over and the B-side features two more Renegade Methodz debuts.

Label head Endlec invites new signing CTSD on the roster.
The Berlin based artist steps up with ‘Algorithmica’. Working together for the first time the upcoming artist managed to deliver a track that pushes the label’s sound to a more futuristic place. A driven techno monster fuelled with jabbing lead lines layered over a rolling kick and bass combination with continually twisting modular synth bleeps and two noisy breakdown sections that demands your attention.
Finally, last contributor Jerm is closing the Ep with a high-pressure club track.
A longtime fixture in Athens nightlife, the promoter, producer and DJ has cut through decades of the scene to arrive on a sound that accurately represents his journey.
Club music with one eye in the past and one in the future. Keeping all the right aesthetics from the 90’s techno era and blending them with the style of the current wave of modern productions. The end result is a track that builds tension from the start. “Toxic Positivity” starts with a stripped down drum loop workout that drives the track until the mid section climax where it lets everything loose with its acid synth line and locks you in with the intense energy that has been released.

A1 ANFS | Kavatza
A2 Scalameriya | S'Pendrek
B1 CTSD | Algorithmica
B2 Jerm | Toxic Positivity

# Techno

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