Various | Marmo EP (12") [XBUSUN001]


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Various | Marmo EP
Label: Baroque Sunburst – XBUSUN001, XCPT Music – XBUSUN001
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, 170g
Released| 06 Apr 2022

London based Baroque Sunburst and Italian XCPT serve DJs and systems a zinger in this collaboration. Four urgent tracks, uptempo and half-beat, fearless and immersive.

Shades of techno pump linearity into bulging basslines, and amidst the echoes of 90s dub a whiff of industrial, post-punk shamelessness rears its head.

- Limited run of 200 copies (170 gram vinyl).
- Design by Linkin Bios.

A1   Nothus & Big Hands | Splügen Bass
A2   Soreab & KRSLD | Butoh
B1   Big Hands & Soreab | FC Ladub
B2   Delikwe | Fibra Cosmica

# DnB # Experimental # Ambient

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