Various | Mirror of Art & Nature (CS) [StarryEarth004]

Starry Earth

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Various | Mirror of Art & Nature
Label: Starry Earth – StarryEarth004
Format: Cassette, EP, Compilation
Released| 27 Aug 2021

The Cabala (Mirror of Art & Nature) remains one of the most fascinating, beautiful and problematic alchemical texts of the early seventeenth century. Its short text, partly in verse-form, describes three steel mirrors forged by the heat of the sun and revealed by the grace of God, which are at least partly metaphorical. When combined together, these mirrors - which reflect the Paracelsian triumvirate of mercury, salt and sulphur - reveal the great Arcanum, or secret of alchemical transmutation.

- White Cassette limited to 50 Copies. Comes w/ Bandcamp DL Code.
- Mastered by Hagen Ebejer (Llimbs).
- Cassettes Printed by: Retro Media UK.
- Dubbed & Duplicated on Coomber 844 by: Drew Carpenter.

A1    Nocturnal Phase | Silence Will Never Tell You Lies    
A2    Llimbs | Ascent    
A3    Heavenly Bodies | Preperation Of Mercurial Earth    
B1    Foreseer | The Matter of all Forms    
B2    Fashiongore | Soliloquy Of The Damned    
B3    Of Sun And Rain | The Machine With A Broken Heart

# Ambient # Experimental # Techno

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