Various | REITEN presents ENSō 2020 (2LP) [RTNE01]


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Various | REITEN presents ENSō 2020
Label: Reiten – RTNE01
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Embossed
Released| 24 Aug 2020

REITEN presents a collaborated vision of the first edition of ENSō, a two-day audio-visual event collated around the REITEN label. The ENSō Festival invites its artists and audiences alike to appreciate the merging of the improvisational, with the contemplation of rhythmic cycles, based around the conception of ensō – 円相 – meaning a hand-drawn circle created by one uninterrupted stroke. Now, with an elongated stretch of time in front of us before the next edition of the festival, the compilation stands to provide a sustained glimpse into the world imagined by Fukuda. Blending spontaneity and gravity alike, the record features an array of idiosyncratic artists set to play ENSō, all purveyors of their own shaped sound-worlds.

- Limited Edition of 500 Copies.
- Design by Valentina Berthelon.

A1   Kosei Fukuda | 円窓 - ENSō
A2   Uchi | Zro
A3   YPY | Circulation
B1   Recent Arts | My Default Emotion
B2   Renick Bell | Organize and Unite
B3   MA + Kosei Fukuda | 円相ノ間(ふるつき)- ENSō no MA (FURUTSUKI)
B4   Yves De Mey | The Chosen Home
C1   tobias. | He Turned Into Him
C2   Katsunori Sawa | The Stonewall
C3   Yuji Kondo | Zenith
D1   Rabih Beaini | Circle
D2   Ena | 42.1    
D3   Lemna | Moments In Eternal Recurrence

# Experimental # Ambient


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