Various | stasis (CS) [SM-VA001]

static motion

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Various | stasis
Label: static motion – SM-VA001
Format: Cassette, Compilation
Released| 10 Jun 2020

Assembled from a variety of textures, tones and spaces, akin to a collage of different materials, yet whole and organized as if originating from a unified point – "stasis" is a collection of 12 contributions from 9 artists flowing inside a single cassette tape. Glimpses of the currently motionless world are revealed throughout the works, a frozen moment unraveling the detail in composition and subtlety in improvisation within each piece of sonic poetry. Suspended in time, each detail and form is captured superlatively real, movements are petrified and musical notes echo across infinity.

- Pro dubbed C70 cassette. W/ Bandcamp DL Code.

A1    JON | Largo
A2    I S | Դեռ
A3    Intuicija | Mėlyna
A4    rookas | Against The Fall
A5    Cloistral | Առանց անուն
A6    Arkhad | Rose Saga
B1    Khørd. | Sheer Static
B2    rookas | Tiempo
B3    Undveld | Aura Whisper
B4    Onis | Resist Irregular Pulse
B5    Undveld | Piercing Where They Might
B6    I S | հոսում է հետ

# Ambient # Experimental # Techno

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