Xyn Cabal ‎| Perfect Oracle (12") [RAVEXYN]

The Death Of Rave

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Xyn Cabal ‎| Perfect Oracle
Label: The Death Of Rave ‎– RAVEXYN
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition, Silver
Released| 14 May 2019

A shocking debut of knife-edge, hypermodern, dance music dramaturgy by Athens-based Xyn Cabal on The Death Of Rave, highly recommended if yr into Arca, TCF, Æ, AFX, Croww, Jani Christou, Tzusing...

Years in the works, the 5-track ‘Perfect Oracle’ EP finds Xyn Cabal poetically turning the pressures of life in Athens and the modern world into diamond-cut but deliquescent future club music. It’s a cuttingly critical exploration of dance music dramaturgy, crystallising fluid tessellations of dembow, gqom, weightless grime and kuduro rhythms with emotive, bittersweet melodic arrangements influenced by a timeless and deeply rooted conception of the syncretic, fractious culture and politics that plays out in his everyday life in between his studies of mathematical logic and the riots which occur on exactly the same city streets most weeks since the 2008 financial crash.

On the A-side his 9 minute blinder ‘Ǝ’ traverses a post-apocalyptic playground of brittle but shatterproof dembow drums, minor key synths and black hole trance breakdowns, before ‘Nowei’ unfurls a grimy cinematic elegy for the dispossessed. On the B-side, his permutations of Arabic vocals and subbass loops synch with upended drums in the EP’s titular highlight, while ‘Veil Ordnance’ pushes his rhythm programming to breathtaking, spiralling im/possibilities begging to be interpreted by contemporary dance companies, and ‘MSF Venom’ sounds the riot with slow motion Molotov drops turned into a noisy reggaeton beast.

The results resonate with music from TCF and Æ thru to Total Freedom, Arca and Croww, but crucially and uniquely, Xyn Cabal’s music strives to consolidate a much broader set of reference points, navigating mathematically psychedelic, emotive, and remarkably meta routes between hyperlocal, rhizomatic, and cosmic nodes of the world’s dancefloor.

- Vinyl master and cut at D&M, Berlin. Artwork and video by Inhalt. 300 copies, pressed on silver vinyl.

A1     Ǝ
A2     Nowei     
B1     Perfect Oracle     
B2     Veil-Ordnance     
B3     MSFVenom

# Experimental # Industrial

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